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These people sold me omnitrader 2009.It never worked.

I was accused of having a bad computer clock I ran linux off the cd no problem with the clock.I called them back the would not reimburse my money. These texas ripoff jerks can go suck on a cow patty. It is not likely the software is going to work for anyone. Their tech support will string you along for a while like they did me.

Then deny a refund and tell you your computer is at fault.

These people are grifters.Avoid them at all cost they will take your money insult you then blame your computer.

Review about: Omnitrader.



I am using Omnitrader and Visualtrader for more than 15 years with different computers and Systems. Never gave me any issues. Besides I find their customer service to be one of the best.


Been with Nirvana for over 20 years. They are a top notch company. Great products, great people, great service.


Check Nirvana's website and you will find they have a 30 day no questions asked refund policy.In 2009 it was 60 days until the industry in general went to 30 days and on some of their products it has been 90.

I too have been using Nirvana software since 1995 and it works great; their support is free and excellent.Mikebrx most likely has a clunky computer and called in with a lousy attitude.


Nirvana's support is excellent! Never had a problem with their software, either.


This complainant is so far off base he/she hardly merits a response.He must be an ignorant agitator.

I have been a customer of Nirvana Systems since 1995. All of the company's products work just fine.

Furthermore, the company promptly and cheerfully makes refunds.The company's tech support is free and is one of the best in the business.


Have been using OmniTrader since 2006.Never a problem and their support is excellent.

Check Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities Magazine...OmniTrader has been #1 or 2 in its categories in best of year polls year-after-year.This negative posting is an anomaly!!!

Tallassee, Alabama, United States #344326

I have owned OmniTrader since version 1.I have never had a problem with it not running on my computer.

Whenever I have had minor technical issues, the Nirvana technical support staff always promptly resolved my issue to my complete satisfaction. Nirvana goes out of its way to treat its customers in a special way that makes us feel more like family than customers. I personally know many OmniTrader customers through the user group I belong to. I do not know of anyone who had problems such as Mikebrx CLAIMS he experienced.

This whole post by Mikebrx sounds very fishy.He lacks credibility and should be disregarded as a disingenuous poster who most likely has some other hidden agenda.


I have run Omnitrader for years, without a problem. Every Texan I ever met was *** nice. Sounds like you need a new computer and a box of tissues.


Thanks for slamming Texans in your comment, ***. We all have to go and get back to our cow-patty sucking now.


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